Treatment List

Whether your skin tone is light or dark or anywhere between, and whatever your skin type, we offer an array of treatments for to meet your needs and achieve your aesthetic goals. Interested in any of the following treatments? Book a consultation with our Marylebone experts today!

Treatment Price


Consultation fee (Fully redeemable against cost of treatments) £50

Dermal Fillers

Non-surgical rhinoplasty £450
Cheek enhancement (1ml) £300
Cheek enhancement (2ml) £500
Chin/jaw augmentation (1ml) £300
Chin/jaw augmentation (2ml) £500
Chin/jaw augmentation (3ml) £750
Tear Trough (Under eye hollows) £400
Lip enhancement (1ml) £300
Lip enhancement (2ml - over multiple sessions) £500
Nasolabial fold/Marionette Lines (1ml) £300
Nasolabial fold/Marionette Lines (2ml) £500

Packages - Profile Balancing

Treatment area includes filler in: Chin/Jawline, Nose, Lips
2ML £650
3ML £900
4ML £1100
5ML £1300

Packages - Beautification / Masculinisation

Treatment areas include filler in: Cheeks, Chin/Jawline, Lips
3ML £750
4ML £950
5ML £1150
6ML £1350
7ML £1550
8ML £1750

PDO Thread Lift (Non-surgical face lift)

Areas that can be treated:
Mid face/Cheek Lift, Lower Face/Jowl Lift/Jawline, Neck Lift/ Below Chin, Eyebrow Lift
Per area £700
Full Face and Neck - The Non-Surgical Face Lift £1950

PDO Threads Rejuvenation

Areas that can be treated:
Mid Face Cheek Rejuvenation, Jawline/Chin, Peri-oral (around lips), Forehead, Peri-orbital (around eyes), Neck
Per area £375
Full face - Thread Rejuvenation £975

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Treatment areas:
Frown Lines/Forehead Lines/Crows Feet. Any additional areas (Gummy smile/Brow Lift for £40)
1 Area £250
2 Areas £300
3 Areas £350