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How Jawline Filler Works

We all have an area of our body that we want to enhance, correct or celebrate a little more. And, we all have certain lifestyles, skin types, age ranges and more that can impact our appearance – as well as our confidence.  Today, we’re looking at jawline fillers, a fantastic aesthetic treatment offered here to our Mayfair clients. Find out how they work – including what they’re made of, reasons for treatment, safety, results and more.

What is jawline filler?

Having a jawline filler involves carefully injecting hyaluronic-based dermal filler into the skin to contour, define, add volume and target signs of ageing.

Why have jawline filler?

Both men and women choose to have jawline filler, for reasons varying from targeting signs of ageing, such as loss of volume and definition in the jawline, to enhancing a weak chin. Whatever the case, we work with our clients to ensure optimum results – every time.

Is jawline filler safe?

Absolutely. Dermal fillers have a long clinical history and in the hands of a qualified practitioner, you are extremely safe. At Medisha Clinic, we have particularly high standards for our treatments, which are led by our founder, Dr Nish. An expert in rejuvenation treatments, his extensive qualifications include a BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences, and a Doctor of Medicine. Furthermore, allergies and reactions are extremely rare, as hyaluronic acid is a natural-based substance that the body can tolerate well.

Does jawline filler hurt?

Most of our clients don’t report any discomfort and a numbing agent is used in the dermal filler to help minimise any pain. In addition, fine needles are used during injection of the dermal filler.

Will my jawline filler look natural?

We always aim to create a natural-looking enhancement that boosts your appearance and your confidence. Every treatment we offer is carried out with an expert hand, fusing art and science and blending our knowledge of facial anatomy with an artistic eye for the best possible results.

How long will my jawline filler last?

Some clients experience an immediate improvement, while in others, the dermal filler may need a couple of days to settle. Results then last between 12-18 months, depending on the individual.

How do I book jawline filler treatment?

First, you can either contact our team online or call our clinic on 020 4539 8817. We then schedule a consultation to explore what you want out of treatment and which options will work for you, based on your medical history, wants and needs, and any concerns you may have. By the end of treatment, you’ll have a lasting enhancement you’ll love for months to come.