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Dos and don’ts after a PDO thread lift

One of our most effective anti-ageing treatments in Mayfair is our PDO thread lift, which gives you incredible, long-lasting results without the need for drastic cosmetic surgery. Today, we will explain what is, how it works, and the dos and don’ts we recommend for aftercare.

PDO thread lifts explained

PDO thread lift is a type of non-surgical facelift. This means there are fewer risks involved and less recovery time needed than with traditional surgery, yet you can achieve similar results, which are surprisingly long-lasting. PDO threads are woven under the skin to achieve lifting and tightening results while contouring the face; smoothing lines and wrinkles; and rejuvenating the skin by boosting collagen and elastin production.

Reasons for a PDO thread lift

PDO threads are a highly effective way of anti-ageing your appearance, and also have rejuvenating benefits that can continue to improve your results over time. From wrinkles and skin laxity to shaping and smoothing, the effect is like having several treatments in one. It’s for that reason that they’re considered to be a non-surgical facelift.

Prep for a PDO thread lift

We’ll now outline some steps to take before having your treatment, once you’ve had your personalised PDO threads consultation.

– Pause heat treatments: Avoid the sauna and steam room before the procedure.

– Dial down the exercise: High-intensity exercise can make side effects more pronounced. Walking and low-intensity exercise are fine.

– Check medications: Blood thinners like aspirin and ibuprofen could affect your results and potentially cause complications. If in doubt, check with your GP.

– Stop smoking and drinking to excess: These can both affect the natural healing process.

– Watch your supplements: Some of these can cause unwanted effects, including garlic and vitamin E. Again, speak to your doctor.

PDO threads aftercare: Dos

Following your treatment, you’ll want to care for your skin as best as possible and achieve your dream results. Here are a few things you should do:


– Rest and relax: Try to restrict movement in your face for the first couple of days as your skin recovers.

– Use an ice pack: One of these, or ice wrapped in a cloth, can combat swelling and bruising.

– Take pain relief: Check with your doctor about what’s suitable – no blood-thinners are advised, like ibuprofen.

– Sleep with your head elevated: You should also try to sleep on your back so you aren’t resting on your face.

Don’ts for PDO threads

Finally, a few don’ts to consider after your treatment.

– Don’t chew gum: This can pull on the threads and cause pain.

– Don’t touch your skin: Make-up and skincare could worsen side effects in the first few hours. It’s best to talk to us about this, so we can advise better.

– Don’t partake in heavy exercise: Just like your pre-treatment advice, this could cause unwanted side effects.

– Don’t get dental treatments: These should be avoided for at least a couple of weeks.

Of course, our expert team in Mayfair can give you more tailored advice and help not only the healing process but your results in the end. To find out more, or book a consultation, speak to our Mayfair team today.