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Are Tear Trough Fillers Safe?

As a reputable aesthetics clinic, we carry out a range of treatments safely and successfully – helping hundreds of our clients look and feel incredible. Today, we’re focusing on one of our fillers treatments, including safety, results, risks and benefits. Read on to find out all about tear trough fillers, offered here in London.

What are tear troughs?

It’s the area under the eye and above the upper cheek, which can look tired, shadowy and gaunt with age. It’s a delicate area, which is why you need an expert hand or treatment – like Dr Nish, our founder at Medisha Clinic.

How does tear trough filler work?

It helps to rejuvenate the area by plumping and volumising the skin, helping it feel firmer, yet lighter. It also helps draw attention to the eyes and creates a more wide-awake, youthful look.

Is tear trough filler safe?

Yes, completely – it’s well-tested, widely used, and we use our expert touch to administer it gently and safely. It contains hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body, which means little to no risk of rejection and a high success rate.

Why have tear-trough fillers?

There are lots of benefits to treatment:
– Hydrate and replenish moisture in the treated area
– Smooth away lines, creases and fine wrinkles
– Reverse gaunt, shadowy and hollowed areas
– Replace lost volume for a plump appearance

What about results?

Tear trough filler lasts up to 18 months, with most clients experiencing around 12 months of results. Unlike some injectable treatments, results can show immediately – though it’s worth waiting a couple of days to ensure any sensitivity and potential swelling has eased (due to injections, rather than the treatment itself).

Will I need to repeat treatment?

You’ll usually only need a single session to create long-lasting results you’ll love, however we can arrange a top-up if needed, particularly when results begin to fade. This can help prolong the effects of treatment, so there’s no visible reduction or gap in your results.

Why choose Dr Nish?

Tear trough fillers are just one area of expertise for Dr Nish. A London-trained doctor, he has experience in both the UK and the US in aesthetic treatments and aims to deliver natural-looking results every time.

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