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Dos & Don’t’s After Cheek Filler

As a leading aesthetic clinic helping clients in and around Mayfair be their best selves, treatment to us isn’t just about the procedure on the day. It takes careful planning to create a treatment plan that guarantees your best results – and aftercare to ensure skin is looked after afterwards, and those results last. Today, we’re inviting you to discover some top dos and don’ts following your cheek filler treatment.

Do: gently cool and soothe the treated area

Cheek fillers use injections of hyaluronic acid to volumise, sculpt and enhance, targeting signs of ageing and loss of volume. While extremely fine needles are used, and we employ an expert hand to administer your treatment, some swelling and tenderness are to be expected. This can be reduced by applying ice, wrapped in a cloth, to the area.

Do: take pain relief, if needed

Most of our clients don’t experience any discomfort from treatment as the cheek fillers contain a numbing agent. However, it’s possible that any swelling that may occur will create a tender sensation, so do take over-the-counter pain relief, like paracetamol, if needed.

Don’t: touch the area after treatment

It can be tempting to press or touch the skin after treatment, especially with the additional volume and contouring you’ll likely experience in the area. However, this can introduce infection or potentially spread the cheek filler, affecting your results. Also, try not to wear make-up in the first 24 hours.

Do: use sun protection

Sun protection helps guard against ageing and burning of the skin. Additionally, the UV light in sunlight can actually degrade the hyaluronic acid used in the cheek fillers, affecting your results and potentially your healing.

Don’t: exercise or have heat treatments immediately post-treatment

Increased blood flow can put pressure on blood vessels and increase your heart rate, potentially leading to bruising and swelling developing in the treated area. Low-intensity exercise, like walking, is an ideal alternative while you heal – we’d recommend this for several days after your cheek fillers.

How do I book cheek filler treatment?

  • Contact our team online or call our clinic on 020 4539 8817.
  • We will organise a consultation at a time to suit you.
  • We’ll talk through your options and get to know more about you and your medical history.
  • Treatment takes place.
  • Aftercare is covered, so you’re free to enjoy your new results.

We hope our article helped you better understand the dos & don’ts after cheek filler. If you enjoyed this post, check out our last one on how jawline fillers work.